MODELING: More 3D and Switch Throw Bars

Three-D modeling and printing is really filling in some important voids in 1/4″ scale modeling.  Sarah Griessenboeck continues to create beautiful parts using her modeling skills and interest in the prototype.  The latest images are of a Youngstown six-foot door with Camel door roller and closing mechanism.

Here is the hardware set applied the goes on the Youngstown door.  The door and hardware is set up for installation on the Intermountain or Atlas 1937 AAR boxcar.

The next door type done by Sarah is the six-foot Superior door and associated hardware.   The door is set up for a 10′ 0″ interior height car like the AAR 1937 like the Intermountain and Atlas.  Sarah is also preparing a taller door for the Twin Star PS-1 boxcar project.

Here is a test print with the door closing and locking mechanism installed.

The files for these parts can be downloaded from Sarah’s website

Twin Star Cars is moving along on new projects including the PS-1 boxcar upgrade kit.  Jim King has produced a new ladder and grab iron set for Twin Star Cars.  The parts are 3D printed a flexible resin that resists breakage.   The parts will install directly in the existing holes in the Lionel body.

By the way Jim King offered to develop a whole range of freight car parts to replace the old Chooch line.  Sadly few even bothered to respond to his inquiry.   Jim decided that he would not invest the time and money if no interest is shown.  3D is the only way we will get the detail parts in the future.  Ross Dando was willing to take a chance on obtaining key parts for his PS-1 project.  Hopefully that opens some doors in the future.


One of the steps you encounter when building up a turnout is what kind of throw bar do I use to connect the points and the switch machine.   The cast points sold by Right O’Way have protoypical tabs cast in the rail to provide a mounting point.  Right O’Way has an excellent solution to this task.  They have a Delrin part set of throw bars done by Jimmy Booth a new of years ago.

The cast parts shown on the sprue at the top of the picture.  I decided to strengthen the Delrin with a N scale PC switch tie.  You can see that I drilled four holes in the PC board to allow the throw bar to be pinned in place.

I have fitted the Delrin throw bars to a Code 100 turnout.  Once I figure out how to connect my switch machine to the PC tie I will complete the installation.  I will let you know how it works out.  I will say that Jimmy Booth uses this method on his layout.





2 thoughts on “MODELING: More 3D and Switch Throw Bars

  1. VERY Nice upgrade using the narrow PC tie.
    FYI; regarding delrin parts, delrin is a common resin for injection molded parts, and the photo looks like parts attached to an injection molding runner; so the parts are probably molded, not cast. And the sprue is not in the photo, it has been cut away from the runner.
    I know, these misnomers are extremely common in the model train world, I have no idea why.

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