MODELING: Lee’s Touch

Over the years I have admired the work of Lee Turner.  His style is unmistable.  Lee is a great observer of the effects of weathering on prototype.  He has translated what he observes into techniques to create the effects on models.  As you know, Lee has retired from accepting commisions to perform his magic for customers but still enjoys doing projects for his own enjoyment.

The model shown above is a very old Chooch resin boxcar kit for a USRA double sheath.  I sure many of you have seen these kits at train shows.  While the urethane used by Chooch presents considerable challenges to assemble.   Lee wrestled it into a presentable model.   By the way, the old Clover Leaf Route became part of the Nickel Plate Road.

The model shown below is a Protocraft brass AAR boxcar with an unique Viking roof.  It belongs to Shawn Branstetter.   Lee painted and weathered this model as a quid pro quo for a scratch built trestle by Shawn.

So here is the bridge that Shawn built for Lee.

Good looking trestle that would fit on my layout.  Need to get busy and try my hand at this.  By the way, Shawn has a blog called Shortline Modelers.  Take a look at this interesting blog with lots of very good techniques.

That’s all for now.


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