MODELING: Santiago Pineda’s Fe-24

Santiago Pineda continues to display his passion for classic passenger trains of the West.  His latest project is an ATSF class Fe-24express boxcar.  I am sure you have seen some of his CB&Q equipment along with his Santa Fe strealiners and period diesels.   He likes to start with brass imported 1/4″ scale equipment and improve or correct details on his models.  In many cases he will paint or repaint the models.  His painting skills are on a par with the very best.  Erik Lindgen and Santiago share a passion for exquisite finishes and fine photography.

We are fortunate to have a number of photos taken by Santiago of his recently completed Protocraft Fe-24 express boxcar.  This is a very recent import constructed by Boo Rim in Korea.  Like all of the Protocraft cars, this model is well researched and documented with prototype drawings and photos.  One of the unique features of these ATSF cars is the use of an Allied Full Cushion truck.  The design was developed for use on high speed train service.

Santiago was kind enough to provide a short narrative of the work he performed on the Protocraft import.

“Completing this express Fe24 boxcar as it arrived from Protocraft was very straightforward. I did, however, stripped the clear coat from the boxcar body and tinkered with the trucks a bit. The clear coat was kept on the undercarriage, which was easily finished in three quick steps: prime, paint and coat. Paint and decals were traditionally applied. But, I do insist in using distilled water for decal application. This significantly reduces the chance of silvering and hard water spots occurring.

The new Allied Full-Cushion Express trucks, also built by Boo-Rim for Protocraft, are exceptional. They were shipped painted black and with a very dull coat. As I examined them, it became clear that to reveal all the truck details, specially the cast lettering on the sides, stripping the paint would be advantageous. Indeed, once the paint was removed, these details became even more appreciable. A word of caution for those intending to follow this step. Putting the trucks together can test your patience, and you may find yourself soldering a part or two. Taking a few pictures before disassembly is advised! In my case, removing the paint was a no-brainer since they needed to be painted green anyway.

For us passenger-oriented modelers, working on these “freight” imports by Protocraft is a treat. It provides the opportunity for rarity. In this case, express car 10135 will relieve lightweight Super Chiefs that have been taxed with increased demand.”

The decals were deveolped expressly for this model.  The yellow and ATSF green create a striking combinationfor the steam/diesel era equipment.

Protocraft has done an excellent job crafting an accurate rendering of the underfram and brake equipment.

Here are Key E-1 and E-3 to complete the photo story.

Thank you Santiago for sharing your work.


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