MODELING: Build a 1948 Ford F-1

Mike George has created an very nice 1/48 scale model of a 1948 pickup using a 1951 Ford pickup as a starting point.  We are very fortunate to have decent selection of diecast 1/48 imported by Menards stores.  They have a website where you can order models via the mail.  Menards Diecast

The conversion is fair easy since it involves the grafting of the 1948 hood and fenders to the the 1951 pickup model.  Menards offered a 1948 Ford Panel Delivery which is the donor for the front end.  The Menards trucks can be found on eBay or order direct from their website.

Here are a few shots of a restored ’48 pickup.

Mike used two models to make this conversion.  The front end was taken from a 1948 Ford Panel Delivery.  The second model used was a 1951 Ford pickup.

The surgery is visible  with some filler used to smooth out the transition between the donor parts.  The underside of jount was reinforced with brass bars.

The other area that needs to be addressed is the size of the rear window on the cab.  Ford increased the size of the window in the 1950-1951 models.  Mike used a combination of styrene and filler to accomplish this modification.

Mike carved off the gas filler cap and door handles to be replaced with wire pieces.

The model was repainted the  dark green and paint the chrome to reduce the toy-like appearance.

I think that Mike has done a great job backdating the inexpensive diecast model fit his modeling era.  As a sidebar, he has managed to do this modeling while recovering from a significant injury while riding his bike in the early morning hours.  Get well soon!

Keep on truckin’


2 thoughts on “MODELING: Build a 1948 Ford F-1

  1. Gene: those are some fantastic “prototype” photos you added. You have a real talent for finding things that match what I’ve built, including the color! I’m glad you spotted the door handles and gas filler. Those are simple changes that make a huge improvement in die cast models.

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