MEETINGS: 2023 March-O-Meet

The annual March-O-Meet was just held in Lombard, IL.  This show has been the prermier event in 1/4″ scale two-rail for many years.  I suspect it’s popularity and draw allowed it to survive a change in management and COVID. This year attendance was strong with lots of sellers and buyers to honor the tradition of an scale model railroading “flea market”.

Norm Buckhart reported that 317 vendor tables and 37 display tables were needed to support the show.  He didn’t have an attendance total at the beginning of the show but commented on the crowds in the showroom.  I want to thank Norm for sending the pictures.

An important aspect the meet is to see old friends and meet new ones. The picture below shows Rod Miller at the head of the table with Norm Buckhart on the right and Dick Harley on the left.  Tradition has it the head of the table picks up the check.  How about that Rod?

As part of March-O-Meet judged model contest are included.   Our good friend, Jim Zwernemann, is a frequent entrant and winner. This year he took first place in Caboose, Maintenance of Way, and Freight Car.  We have featured two of the winning cars on this blog.

First place was awarded to Jim for ths scratchbuilt caboose.  Jim built it as a memorial to his late friend Frank Peacock.

The first place winner in Maintenance of Way that we recently featured in the blog.

The first place was award with given to Jim for this boxcar.  It is a Mullet River Model Works kit composed of plywood and etched metal details.  The kit assembly is first rate but the finish is outstanding.  The variation of shading and color intensity on each board elevate this model to a superior level.

Jim Zwernemann continues to amaze me after all these years.  Keep building man!


Gene  Deimling



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