NEW PRODUCTS: Model Tractors and Rivet Decals

First off there is a new line of vintage farm tractors just released by Sierra West Model Company in 1/48 scale S Scale and HO.

Farmall Model C tractor:

International Harvester built over 79,000 Farmallsbetween 1948 and 1954.  It was a popular brand of tractor in large parts of the country.   The model appears to be a very accurate rendering using 3D design and printing.  The attention to detail and scale appearance caught my eye once I unpacked it.

There is a minimal cleanup required before you get out the Signal Red paint.

John Deere Model D:

This is a Model D which enjoyed a long production and like all Deere’s they were durable.   They could be included in most any era of your railroad.

Fordson Model F

Ford Model 600 Tractor:

Sierra West included this post Korean War era model which was in production from 1954 to 1957.

By the way, Sierra West has a huge array of details to enhance your model scenes.

Railtec-Transfers is offered an impressive range of rivet decal sets.  In concept they are similar to the now-defunct Archer product line.  Their range of sets are scale for 4mm and 7mm which are the popular scales followed in the United Kingdom.   Terry Van Winkle alerted me to availability this product line.  I purchased two sets to evaluate.

Here are some images that I took of the sample sheets

Railtec offers a range of rivet sizes and spacing.  Their website provide information on this.  You will have to convert mm to inches to see which might work best.

Here is the link to their catalogue. 


Hope you find these new offerings of interest.

Gene Deimling



3 thoughts on “NEW PRODUCTS: Model Tractors and Rivet Decals

  1. Hi Gene. There is a spelling mistake in the link to Sierra West. You’ve put .con when it needs to be .com.

    What beautiful tractor models, and yet so reasonably priced; an excellent example of how 3D printing should be used.

    Paul W
    Whangarei, NZ

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