OPM: Lee Turner’s Latest Models

gn wood sheathed

Lee Turner was kind enough to send new pictures of his latest work.  He is a prolific modeler doing work for on his own models and for others.  The picture shown above is Lee’s paint, lettering and weathering on a Protocraft double sheathed boxcar.  The model is a recent import and is lettered with Protocraft decals.  The outdoor setting adds to the realism of the finished model.  Lee paints all of his models with Model Masters acrylic paints and weathers with Vallejo and other acrylic paints.   Lee prefers Model Masters and Tamiya for the durable finish.

gn plywoodgn top view

This car is also a Protocraft import. The prototype was build with plywood sides in place of the typical steel sides of an AAR boxcar.  The orange and green color was applied to many of these cars by the Great Northern.

This roof treatment is based upon actual history of grain cars that unloaded in the Buffalo grain terminal.  The birds would feast on the spilled grain and end up resting on the roof after the big meal.  So the white spots are actually the bird defecation.  Lee used another term to describe the white spots.

sss wedge

This beautiful boxcar is the combined efforts of Jim Zwernemann, Jon Cagle (Southern Car & Foundry) and Lee Turner.  Jim build the car for a friend.  He primed it and the friend sent it to Lee for finishing.   Lee applied the paint, Protocraft decals and weathering.  The resulting collaboration is a stunning model.  Jim won first place in the March Meet contest with his original model of this prototype.   A few resin castings were made from Jim’s original patterns.  The model shown above was built from an extra set of the castings. Jon Cagle cast the parts for Jim. Since that time, Jon has revised the molding to make a one-piece body.

sss topThe model is an exceptional example of model building state of art.  The prototype was rebuilt by the Frisco in a similar fashion to the roads ARA single sheathed cars.  The Sand Springs Railway owned three of these cars.  The road is still around operating in the Tulsa, OK area.

sss closeup

Thanks again Lee for sharing your work.  It is inspirational.

Happy Trails,



2 thoughts on “OPM: Lee Turner’s Latest Models

  1. I want to echo Len Davis’ thoughts. I normally don’t have trouble finding something to say about almost anything:) This time, the words fail me. These models are just superior. I do apologize but I can’t come up with any other descriptors. Thanks very much for posting these photos.

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